Pediatrician in Ooltewah TN Offering Same Day Appointments to Ooltewah Families

Ooltewah Pediatrics

Pediatrician in Ooltewah TN is taking care of children of all ages

As parents, we all care about our children’s health more than anything in the world. A pediatrician helps us in making sure our children remain healthy or get back to being healthy quickly when they become sick or injured.

Booking an appointment for a good pediatrician in Ooltewah, TN can be very difficult. It is quite common for families to have to wait for days and sometimes weeks to get an appointment with a good Ooltewah pediatrician. At Ooltewah Pediatrics, you can now book an appointment for the same day subject to daily availability.

Ooltewah Pediatrics

Ooltewah Pediatrics is led by Dr. Lara Rabaa, Board Certified in Pediatrics and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She has established herself as one of the best pediatricians in Ooltewah TN in a very short span of time. Ooltewah Pediatrics offers families top-notch pediatric healthcare services for children from birth to eighteen years old. 

Ooltewah Pediatrics Offers Complete Pediatric Healthcare Services

There are various pediatrician services that make up a full-service pediatric clinic. These services include regular child visits, annual checkups, developmental milestone assessments, vaccinations, physicals, as well as diagnoses and treatment of your child’s illnesses, infections, and/or injuries. Dr. Rabaa and Ooltewah Pediatrics provide all these services at the highest possible standards. 

Best Pediatrician in Ooltewah

At Ooltewah Pediatrics, Dr. Rabaa strives to provide each and every family a 5-star healthcare experience. Dr. Rabaa provided reviews from current patients who all unanimously gave Ooltewah Pediatrics the highest possible rating. “She is the only Pediatrician in Ooltewah that listens to what you want for your child and offers suggestions. Doesn’t ever feel pushy and she’s just a delight to be around,” said Emily.

Emily certainly is not the only parent who had positive words for Dr. Rabaa and Ooltewah Pediatrics. “Dr. Rabaa not only took excellent care of my son, but she also took excellent care of my emotions! My son had had a concussion and was presenting with symptoms of it. We were able to get in to see her that day, and she got us in touch with a specialist for my son.” said another parent who was worried about her son’s health after suffering a concussion. 

Ooltewah Pediatrician Who is Board Certified in Pediatrics

Dr. Lara Rabaa is a Board Certified in Pediatrics with the American Board of Pediatrics and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is dedicated to being your health partner as your child grows.

As a mother herself, Dr. Rabaa understands the importance in the relationship, a parent has with their pediatrician and how difficult it can be to get in to see a pediatrician in Ooltewah which is why Ooltewah Pediatrics offers same-day appointments. To book a same-day appointment, you can simply call at (423) 661-7788!